R · Madrid, Tottenham win in ten_Champions League quarter-final first leg _Santiago Bernabeu _Real Madrid _Tottenham_Adebayor_Ejiru_Lennon _Crouch_goal rush _Defoe _Van der Vaart _Marcelo _Di Maria _Ronaldo _Kaka _4-0_Vail _2nd leg will take place on April 13

Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur (4-0) All Goals Full Highlights 5.4.2011 UEFA Champions League

R · Madrid, Tottenham win in ten

Champions League quarter-final first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu was Real Madrid match against Tottenham.

4 minutes early in Madrid, simply open the scoring and Adebayor's header from a corner kick determines Ejiru. Mismatch score was sweet and told a starter in place of the genus Mark Lennon injured in the backup. Tottenham will be leaving the day's second yellow on 16 minutes Crouch. Tottenham lost the front of the target, the state was forced to be pushed.We aim for a goal can not mind wearing one of the bail request. The goal rush seems to be leaving Real Madrid for an opportunity, Tottenham fortified defenses around Dawson finished the first half scoring from the current tolerate.
Tottenham from the start of the second half, put Defoe in place of Van der Vaart was the first battle former club, I'll aim to score a difficult position. 57 minutes, however, matched by the head of Adebayor Marcelo gave the ball free from a short corner,Additional points to Madrid. Tottenham had run out of the intensive runs set plays was hurt again.

72 minutes and Real Madrid great Di Maria sank a shot from the right side, the decisive game. Madrid continued to expand with ease possession against the penalty area in front of 10 people 。The closing 87 minutes, according to Ronaldo volleyed in a cross Kaka had played 10 minutes before the 4-0.
Finished the game anyway, it was Tottenham away goals could not return to White Hart Lane in harsh conditions. What is the game for Tottenham over the edge of the harsh reality score, could not make a definitive scene through the game.Vail also hinted the only chance in the team is far from satisfactory play, was also postponed and replaced Ronaldo jerseys.

One was born in Madrid scored from set plays an early stage can proceed throughout the game there too leaving advantage was wiped out in the form of lucky games in the league defeat.

After the game, coach Harry Redknapp's Tottenham, Crouch was sent off for, "Well no such risk should get a red card.That was after a very tough job. Became impossible task, "lamented, 2nd regu also" very tough

2nd leg will take place on April 13.



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