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FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2010 / 2011 _ El classico Trailer

Judgement is also very Classico

I have never heard the word Giants Hanshin Tigers tradition that I was a kid, then football, "Classico" is a game of Real Madrid and Barcelona and a special name called.Brilliant play after another pop out, the path is not a mistake. Among the other things that win ball hard to strengthen one antagonist.
In the last minute scramble for the ball. The players then fall. What really caught my leg which is which? Acting judge of whether or not it is hard to even spot.

Fall within the penalty area, various events during the brief moment that I thought I saw slow acting sore ... I fall technical foul while much higher.

Ronaldo went into full! There is also bounce off the head and said, as scores of other sites that let you play against in this quarrel.
Following the King's Cup and UEFA Champions League home now that there is a war to fight in four consecutive Ouei so.

What's the fate of a strong team together? Now Is there any drama?


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