Defeat opponents in power "who made the winning goal," said hit._Barca _Ronaldo _Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid's Spanish Cup final _Valencia _Cristiano Ronaldo _Mourinho _Europe _winning goal _Classico _King's Cup_Maradona_Pele _Johan Cruyff _Messi _winner's mentality_Inter Milan _Distefano _クラシコ4番勝負

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Barca sunk! Title earnest desire in the second year Ronaldo transfer

Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid's Spanish Cup final
Done in Valencia in the Spanish Cup final June 20, extended at the end of Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid, and decided the first time in 18 seasons to win the second time 18.13 minutes early FW Cristiano Ronaldo (26) scored. José Mourinho from the helm this season (48) led to the title in three seasons with the club, -Barcelona are targeting the league, Europe and CL inhibited the treble.
 Ace stood right index finger swinging uniform number 7, cited raptures. 13-minute winning goal in the first half jumped extended. Combined cross-head left. -The first title two years after joining Real Desire. C · Ronaldo "I'm incredibly happy," reminisces. -Meet four times in a row and 18 days in Barcelona "Classico four match series," the second leg. 1-1 league draw in the 16th, the enemy has made great progress in three straight,On this day, a twist of revenge against the title. While most low-priority King's Cup treble, the final card of the day was achieved gold record number of 143 countries televised tournament.Demonstrated skills in the best interest of the world.
 Barcelona showdown before OB compared with Pele and Maradona, Johan Cruyff has said, "Messi is a good technique, but as owners, relying on physical Ronaldo (the ranks) is difficult," he said.Cast doubt on the qualities of a superstar. As if winning goal scored with a header to challenge that remark RBI utilizing high elevation of 87 meters and a body honed.

Defeat opponents in power "who made the winning goal," said hit.
 The Ace, "who planted the winner's mentality," Mourinho has to recognize.CL last season's European commander led Inter Milan defeated Barcelona in the semi-commitment to results When defensive lineup tied for 16th at 3 volante Mr. Distefano is honorary chairman of the club "like a rat in front of a lion," the statement said. Still, "(tactical), the director decides," and upheld the conviction, the defense thoroughly consolidate the counter. Contractors played a role in victory.
 "Classico four match series," Europe on May 3 and 27 of races remaining two CL semi-final two games. "I want to win this rate," which radiate confidence and C · Ronaldo.


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