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Real Madrid vs Spurs vs 4-0 Full Match Highlights & All Goals [05-04-2011]

Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk

Honestly, I rather imaginary fears, certain that it was anxiety. Before we go to Don Bath, 1st leg, I wanted to put a piece of Barcelona.It took the lead early in the, get the rhythm, suddenly became easier. Again, force, more ability, entering the game, the flow of the game in the Champions League means a rhythm of expansion.

Manchester United vs Chelsea

Rather than the Champions League, a tough game just like Premier. Manchester United's lucky day in morning, but the game from the defense proceeded calmly Even if taken, away goals will be a draw was good.

Schalke 04 vs Inter

Decided at Schalke. Intel is a Mirano Derby weekend might have been broken already. In the flow, in the Derby (of course leaving the Kivu) PK near the end of Cassano, and The End (Score is broken) is too severe. Again, regardless of the outcome, 3 points or more away goals goes through the away goals rule, following the sour.

Tottenham vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid's ROUND16 through the northeast, or run up like this. In that sense, this victory, breaking the resistance level, the impression was up gap. The Spurs also leave out a good 0-0, but all plans are crazy.

Host country club finals, come to the final jinx it, if there are anomalies (two of Intel's second game, before the winner of Chelsea or Manchester United do) 、Schalke finalists will be finalized. Uchida, Japan's first pitch of the UEFA Champions League final stand a chance I will catch the first Asian big ears. However, when I told him to take full advantage of the good luck or the environment, rather unsatisfactory. If true, I would have to sell the name here.
The gentle pace of growth, as seen from the other, "this guy crazy" to believe that is still going to take time. Of course, he is not a green harvest levels, such as MIyaichi.

Finally, Ienaga UEFA Champions League and has nothing to do, the goals of the patriarch of the weekend against Sevilla, Jyo, since the goal of Okubo. Japanese small goals in La Liga itself at all. That much success in La Liga is also a difficult proof. However, (he is exempt from the defense) can be offensive style from the patriarch, the first goal in eight games, never early. Given the genius of his time, and dancing is not surprising name transfer market, Mallorca themselves, have set up his expensive transfer fee in advance. The next year, is good if you can constantly play, yet, let alone the Japanese success in Spain, not Asians. Meet the challenge to play in the league is to buy a tall,As well as ability, luck will come to meetings and need.


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