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Real Madrid vs Barcelona (1-1) All Goals & Full highlights 16-04-2011

Barcelona forward V3! Classico opener "overwhelmed" DRAW

La Liga Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid (April 16)

Made on the 16th game of Section 4 32 La Liga, Barcelona and leaders Real Madrid Classico is made in the second 1-1 draw in enemy territory. Messi FW PK was caught after a pre-emptive bullets, advanced to third straight win to protect the eight points in six races remaining.

 Barcelona has secured the points against a good one to be defeated only. Real were caught up with 10 people was sent off,Cruyff was directed by four consecutive times from 1991 "Dream Team" significant progress since the third time.
But missed the coach Guardiola's first win Classico won all five races after his appointment "will not lose a good result," and hints at the margin. Messi Mourinho's team, known enemy general was defense dud so far, including eight against Chelsea and Inter Milan.Real struggled to even lined the defensive lineup for the upcoming three volante Ejiru this day playmaker, who scored 8 minutes later in my first PK. -Spanish Cup final on May 20 in Europe 18 days Classico CL semi-final and followed "the fourth game," break the jinx in the first round ace. Real athletes in 59 official games this season - scoring 49 career scoring record also arranged most of the season, the Spanish built in 1960.
 Draw ratio while controlling the ball in enemy territory overwhelming 71-29%. Xavi has "had no other aim in mind to counter the long ball football," complained that, Eleven of the mouth and the response path of commitment to football. Pave the way for direct confrontation with three games remaining game is also head.

イレブンはpass soccerへのこだわりと手応えを口にした。残る直接対決3試合も真っ向勝負で道を切り開く。

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