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Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool | Penalty Goal

Arsene Wenger Post Match Interview - Arsenal vs Liverpool 1-1 (17-04-11)

"Where I come from the three-minute" ... Arsenal draw contrition

Saw heaven and hell in the English Premier League Arsenal near the end.
 That appears unusual in that eight minutes of injury time in the therapeutic effects opponent minutes into the tie-breaking 8 FW Robin Van Percy decided on PK.Hauling the victory appeared to have brought near to the reversal necessary, in front of goal after the restart gave FK pursued the loose ball Ebue DF MF opponents to defeat gave Lucas the PK. The injury caught up with 12 minutes, and the game ended at 1-1 as it is, six were against Manchester United Premier points behind with six remaining.

Wenger, "but a show 11 minutes past 8 PK-minute decision. Additional 3 minutes from where I come," and angry. The victory will be far, four wins and one stall in the last five races without luck.Be caught at the last expansion, but also no energy to write something truly, after the game, it was also protesting against a 11-minute 8-minute injury time but Wenger.Seemed to go and hit a jury question, that there was no answer.

So what was it again, look at the game until the end, I see ..., about 6 minutes injury time, finally took the PK of Fabregas Robin van Persie is decided about seven minutes.Should not have too much time already. Then, however, the FK is given Liverpool, the other 11 minutes when it kicked.Now after a defeat in the DF area is Ebue, Liverpool were given PK.

Certainly anything suspicious game development. FK's supposed to be that it might end when you kicked the most.

Home of Manchester United at Old Trafford was given four minutes to seven minutes injury time to Ferguson.

Wenger is a man from France! ? And would have been extended to 11 minutes to 8 minutes the opposing team.


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