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Labiale ibrahimovic espulsione Fiorentina Milan 1-2 10.04.2011 32esima Giornata Seie A 2010-2011

Ibrahimovic sent off

Premier Milan, Napoli both win second place

4 AFP - May 11 May 10 - Italian Serie A 10-11, Section 32 of the game is done, the leader (AC Milan) is 2-1 (Fiorentina) down to.

Gilardino is a little old.

In the story if I remember correctly, but certainly I know that Gilardino played against Japan in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Compared with that from the time, I have some old impression.
Section Ibrahimovic could have played it pains, I got to dig their own grave. Unable to three times the chances of things, what had been tormented and frustrated feeling of inferiority.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, "Processo di Biscardi" situation and in Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo to repeat the dream of winning. In Milan, Ibrahimovic suspended three games against exit at Fio.

"The dream is free, we'll actually because she changed her many times. Enpionnara tend Milan 1-2 to win the Elite next season. But continued to do well but Pirlo and Seedorf, leaving several players it.If Ronaldo won it, everyone is happy "

"I like Robinho. Harassing defense and scoring from a well. Ibura in suspension, would place as head coach 2st. Pato but a good time, the negative Ibura.
But would improve soon. Milan is rich thanks to a military team from the time of the accident has been recovered. So talented team can have "

"An exceptional back to Naples, the premier league. The goal is to celebrate things like this last section. Terrible enemy, but Inter is also in Naples, Milan has a destiny in the hands remain in the game. European CL game?

Milanese, I as prime minister, I sincerely hope Intel. Everything is possible in football. Like before FW Eto'o, whose game is available "


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