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inter vs schalke 2-5 [RAUL GOAL] - 05-04-2011 -

Champions League quarter-finals were held last Sun

Inter × Schalke

The big stage this "fight or become the first Japanese realized?" With the expectation that drew attention. The result is victory for Schalke.

Intel is going to be a very tough second leg away match. Are working hard in his two Japanese foreign country than it gave us some energy.

I also wish each other luck next game.

1st leg of the Champions League, Raul Schalke win the battle against rival Intel's top scorer against Europe, was hoping for a revival of Milan Inzaghi stop now.

"Have done a great match for Schalke, I reach the semifinals, I have not even thought of yet. Still have a very tough 90 minutes more. Intel has won all the team win.We need respect for them. I am happy to have scored the most important victory of the team. Currently, the stop Inzagi injury. Definitely take back next season will compete for top spot "

Milan's Seedorf "RedeTv", and admitted to the invitation to the Corinthians by Ronaldo.
"But now I think just winning the Scudetto with Milan. See how what happens at the end of the season. Is a country like Brazil. Expiration date comes, even if another offer from a European club, AC Milan likely would have to update. Should be happy but, I have not had any negotiations "


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