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Inter - Schalke 04 (2-5) Ampia Sintesi intervista Leonardo e Moratti 05 04 11 HD

Directed by Leonard Inter turmoil dismissed

 Japan National DF Nagatomo Yuu (24) belongs to Serie A, Inter Milan ran a shock. To Schalke in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals by 2-5 5 days and that the defeat,Director Leonard reported on the motion for dismissal and the date seven Italian newspaper. MF Dutch national Snyder (26) has also been talked about release.
How the fate of the corps . Intel began flying the voice of Nagatomo tough.
 Directed by Leonard first became a target. Sport Koriere date de Pablo 7, to crown this season replacement coach Once reported inevitable. As a potential successor, Jose Mourinho made a name for those who led Real Madrid to Intel last season.
 Inter and the Sun 2 AC Milan in a 0-3 defeat to Derby. 5th European quarter-finals in the CL even "degraded" to the initiative and allowed Schalke 2-5. President Massimo Moratti is to evaluate director Leonardo has not changed, "but commented that, under the hood is the view that the media have begun to reform the Italian team next season.
 Sport is also Gazetta de Pablo, Brazil and the Dutch national MF Julio Sezaru Snyder GK, DF Kivu, reported the possibility of releasing them off now the Maicon.

The whole Nagatomo "residual" have been reported, and now seems clear the team was involved in an unexpected disruption


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