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Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal 3-3 (20-04-11)

Followed by a foot

English Premier League, Arsenal North London derby has engaged in a fierce battle during the two days every year against Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and away opponents. Draw against Liverpool because of the referee! I was, this is very much dear.
Tottenham big break is up from a wing position on the bail-side half of England's Player of the Year award this season, plus the Dutch players, It has more chances to join from Real Madrid Van der Vaart has to finish himself, seems to aim for the team that was turned into victory.Arsenal at White Hart Lane can not win a bonus easily.

... And, for the last confrontation, I watched nervously from the start of the game so much, betray the expectations? Start good.5 minute song from the first half took the ball in midfield Diabi, Fabregas and crossed the ball, reminiscent of Walcott's play slipped away by Henri-thru,Pour-point goals in the net as early as pre-emptive beautiful. The goal of the vertical linkage to the full fast sense of speed, full of charm arsenal. Great! !
But seven minutes, they caught up with Van der Vaart is determined to cross from the side. The defense turned to the side this time, I like the song Lucie pace.Then I was led to play catch up the sweetness of the defense of this area.

But the 12 minutes that day, but took the second goal from Nasri Diabi work with, and feeling not lose out on performance goals. 36 minutes, Arsenal jumped bail and prevent contact between the GK and Shuchesuni Vail, Vail falls. Tottenham stand noisy. The anger is natural. Vail is worried about the injury arose.
40 minutes, Robin van Persie scored this time. Containing fired. The shot was heading a cross from Walcott. The third point in giving up the loose ball push.
42-minute hard-hitting game-specific deployment Derby, GK falls again in contact with Shuchesuni bail. Viewed from the untrained eye, playing out of the dangerous Shuchesuni much. An opponent or be hurt badly if they do eat the red one. Specification is not visible to dangerous play. Now even finished the first half. After the break the game in injury Baile, 44 minutes, Tottenham's players are determined from a throw-ball, they are returned to the second point. . This runs the multi! ! 2-3.

Also allowed a goal to take the other point, and uncertain victory. Barca lost the ball after the season, surrounded by a few people put the press.(Copa del Rey, though, in the Spanish Cup, Real Madrid beaten it to the other, but had been Masaru Masaru) insistent that defense! ? Hey want to learn from.

Into the second half, lower bail of injuries, will be invested on behalf of Lennon. Jack Wilshere 52 minutes instead of Diabi. Thereafter, no additional points Arsenal.70 minutes, ran out from the side of the break as Lennon stop killing Leon has finally Shuchesuni GK, PK determination. Van der Vaart was determined it to be caught again. 3-3. The Wenger Bendtner, 85 minutes and certainly put Arshavin,
The substitution of players will be too late? Arsenal win I can take from three points, I must reflect. Relaxed in terms of attack from the path, but showed no such compelling play recently.

Chelsea equalized catch stalled while Arsenal, the goal difference, 2nd place Chelsea, Arsenal became the third place. That not only has greatly empowered Tottenham, Arsenal and I'm certainly may affect a large number of games. Wherever down again next year, making it the start of the Champions League preliminary qualifying. In order to not stop here and step on the same rut! !


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