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Manchester United Vs Schalke 2 - 0 | Goals Of The Match | Champions League | 26\4\2011

Manchester United victory, bright 37 year old Giggs

In the Champions League semi-final first leg was held on April 26, Manchester United 2-0 victory away to Schalke on this. Made great progress to be made final at Wembley.

The attacks on the United goal as Schalke flow path from the first half,Dividing the goals of good saves before Schalke guardian Noia Ferguson did not even wanted.
Schalke wanted withstood attack until the second half managed to half-time, one-sided flow has not changed, the game finally moved 67 minutes.
Schalke of the DF Noyer crotch shot through the pass-through from Giggs, Rooney, who stopped, the United preemptive. Due minuti dopo Valencia, Rooney mettere punti extra con collegamenti per Hernandez, il gioco decisivo. Giggs è di 37 anni 148 giorni per staccare il vecchio record di 86 giorni Inzagi 37, CL was the oldest ever goal scorer.

The first semi-finals, and the battle was far Schalke came home without losing the state can not do anything in front of United. After the game, Noia said, "from rising too much like mutual respect. The ball, the defense also was not good," and admitted defeat. -
Schalke Utida Atsuhito of the body such as clearing up the shot put Park Ji-Sung, the defense showed devoted to exert attack scene was inherent.


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