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Compil Karim Benzema!!

Meanwhile, "finally" entered the quarterfinals for the first time in seven seasons, but broke the northeast Madrid, the club to meet at a place like that yet. In the first knockout round of the Lyon and had not won even once, 1st leg 1-1 draw to the end of the media and fans all together,

Jinx is still continue? ! "The sense of anxiety fueled by comments such as, commander against Mourinho is fairly cool What I have to draw the away goals robbing? "Looked like 。

Originally, Mourinho has home-court advantage in the home is usually aggressive, and things will be under pressure away in football to become a defensive gambits,

CL on the "away goals twice" rule because, in what aggressive fight away, so forgive a home away goals, Have developed their own theories that go in to care.  
To win the Big Ears team like Porto would have been impossible otherwise.

 The French national on the condition that the FW would come here during the end of the season is also an important key players Karim Benzema. From the beginning until the middle of Argentina in Madrid if you want one after another wounded in FW offense from Gonzalo Higuain, FW is divided to do? (The winter transfer market) are required reinforcement or not? "Even when I was being told, trust Benzema Mourinho"Valuable joker "can become a leave a comment. Benzema also had a total of two blazes from the former home of Lyon and two against.

 About the repercussions of massive reinforcement of the team of Van der Vaart or shine Tottenham in the Premier League.  Sharpen your teeth even without the chance to play patiently, "then" or Benzema Madrid waiting to explode. Going to be a big point that it affected the outcome.

 The game was between × Chelsea Manchester United Premier urges. In recent years, but both teams have been battling for supremacy of the Premier, has resulted in contrasting term.Chelsea until 2010 but was abruptly stalled in the first place. Temporarily dropped to seventh. United lead the dance and then leave,Successful consolidation lead, seemed to be a winning theirs.

However, it "waits" were also put a blues. Captain John Terry et al, "We will not give up until the end" as the term end-game winless persistently accumulating,Defeated them in direct confrontation. In addition, United has suffered a losing streak, are nine points behind at once. And one Chelsea game is undigested. Is still present, but severe, The side lost in this confrontation "to be released from the overcrowded schedule" is ironic to say by killing the opponent in front of or damage to the psychological benefits to the partner
When it comes to roads and you'll see two crowns. London Olympics the previous year, it is inevitable the best battle unfolded.And both of these teams has to win enough quality with big ears.


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