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Schalke 04 VS Valencia (3-1) 9-3-2011

Interviewed that the story of Raul de Pablo Korie Sport newspaper in Italy.

Raul "I have nothing battle between me and Inzaghi.'ll Beat the new record Messi and Cristiano."Raul CL semi-final dreams. "In two games of the tournament, surprises can show everyone."
Raul Gonzalez Blanco, Tuesday, facing the semi-finals of the Champions League 1st leg against Inter Milan. With the intention that we continue to make the tournament top scorer in the history of Europe. "It is fantastic that happens. But I'm 33 years old, always enthusiastic, Because they have the motivation to finish. The most important thing is still the team to succeed. , "The paper said in an interview Raoul Korie dello Sport. Raul, AC Milan's Filippo Inzaghi and to fight the European tournament in scoring and is not obsessed said, disappointed that his injury. "I'm fighting there between us.First, the record will break the new Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo ahead. "Raul CL now to understand the risks and the champions of Intel, said that Schalke 04 will not pay much attention to the defensive part. "They, Sneijder and Eto'o, there are great players like Lucio. We were the first leg, in order to get a chance to win this round I have to fight really well. "Raul is stressed. Samuel Eto'o is in particular mentioned the name Raul is "one of the best players in the world Can not afford to fail at the opposite. "He says. "Our defense will have to aim for perfection is not an organization.But war and the German Cup Bayern CL if we play like that against Valencia if he (Eto'o) could be stopped. "Raul is also While acknowledging the view that the likely candidate to win the semifinals and Intel, "two games of the tournament, I can show to the surprise of everyone." Says.

Raul has joined Schalke 04 in the previous summer, has admitted that it had many problems with the original team of the season. " Beginning of the season, and we will join a number of new players they were going to need time to finished as a team. "
Raul is also Intel's director for Leonard, said to have done a great job. "The coach Mourinho to take over after winning a really hard thing.Mourinho was achieved because of Intel Toripurette. I'm amazing. "
Even one day record being pulled, CL is also the European goal record record play, I want to carry on more and more.


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