Champions League quarter-final first leg_FC Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk _Barcelona won 5-1_Real Madrid _Classico_Manchester United vs Chelsea United's 0-1_England_Giggs_Rooney _Lampard_Fernando Torres goal _ルーニー_

Manchester united vs Chelsea 6/4/11 Rooney goal champions l

Champions League quarter-final first leg, FC Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk Barcelona won 5-1 at home. 2nd win in enemy territory before a four-point lead leg. In yesterday's game with a 4-0 win over Real Madrid was "CL Semi Classico," one step closer. If realized, following the Copa del Rey and La Liga final, third and Classico.
In addition, another Champions League quarter-finals, the Manchester United vs Chelsea United's 0-1 away win at. Victory at Stamford Bridge is nine years since.
United and Chelsea game was a showdown with England, urged the 24th minute a cross from man Giggs, Rooney decided to preemptive U.Lampard's Chelsea home too, but they also welcome the decision machine Fernando Torres goal in Man U defense hard to tolerate the defense.

After all, Rooney had scored the winner divide has urged England to dominate the United showdown. However, 2nd leg will be held at Old Trafford on February 12.


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