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Chelsea FC - Cech and Terry on United

Wigan vs. Chelsea

Wigan game. The win is good, and was praised in terms of content, not. But I think I can focus on how to take advantage of what Torres, I guess I feel that better results come out fighting in the goal not to expect too much style to him. For example, "top down" or "side" or to be appointed by I'll give emphasis on the make-up opportunities. It seems that more goals are born. I said many times, and now Chelsea players better side in the second column "logo - Le" I'm so many opportunities. Of course, the side "of the defense burden" to a large, Torres "FW started to move as" excellent Nde, and no doubt by the current of dexterity in FW I think,
FW is not all the goals, "although I think you should use a. Wait, Did you treat it that way anymore. I'm sorry.

CL 2nd leg against United: Preview

United game. The goal is required, but not expected to present a goal I set. Of course, mistakes should aim for a united defense, The goal might be expected even from the stream which would present severe easily. Unfortunately, the attack "linkage" It is not too much of that is. "Individual" only. Of course, attacks the "individual" even though it is necessary, the current Chelsea tough it all. Dribbler like Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo and Franck Ribéry will not,No Xavi and Messi. Chelsea stay in the moment, "African excellent physical" and "French Foreign Legion" and "Terry and Lampard" I'm. I'm writing is a matter of course, utilizing the football they have to do. It is nice to shift the style of Brazilian and Spanish, but is it not? From next season. Torres advanced to the side of the rut so far already, but it did not turn back.


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