Raul _great_FW _off-ball movement_Nagatomo _Uchida_Japan's first semi-final _CL_first Japanese CL final and win

Simon Desue du Mongo guck Schalke Vs Inter 2 : 1 - Raul Feiert mit Fans Halbfinale

I think Raul is a player who still great. FW also has great players but, personally, about Raul, you play as a role model of the FW and I feel like a player or not.

Rather than physical ability, technology and off-ball movement, "points" in the sense of suit. Japanese kids trying to FW, I think that I want to play a good look at Raul.

Thing to say, finally, is about Nagatomo Uchida, Hashi Nagatomo I think I want to stay in the starting lineup anyway, but now Intel is not that what I think to do so.I have seen a good performance, or reliability or Isao Makoto, taken out of the starting lineup in the evaluation of the past and I think nonsense.

Then, for Uchida, I think the players were really a sense of stability. It is not stable and they have been written too, but is personally embarrassed

 At this rate, Japan's first semi-final rather than CL, the first Japanese CL final and win, I want you to run that far anymore. I look forward to.


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