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Japan vs Saudi Arabia 5-0 All Goals AFC ASIAN CUP 2011

Asian Cup soccer final match of pool play. Lightning seen. Japan vs Saudi Arabia. Former "Asian tigers", called Determine if you divide it through the game winner against Saudi extensive experience in Asia Cup.

Still, Saudi Arabia was it? ? What you say, weak. Even a league defeat. Asia is a pattern of melee? ? Now, Japan vs Saudi Arabia. United scored three first half in 20 minutes.Somehow, through the path to lean, even if defense Yul front of the goal. Just, "and Betchi FC" I had a football game and Betchi team and Japanese team, and like that. Saudi Janakutsu ... I tell the truth, and I was Betchi and FC? ? It's to do - the color black. Is different. Maybe.

20 minutes after the first half, Saudi Arabia also came tight, the game was balanced. The goal has been pushing Japan several times.

And then the second half. Further two points to take the match ended in Japan. Okazaki hat trick you care.
I Okazaki FW (forward) You What? Did not know. I'm also forward guy Maeda I got two points. 5 forward scored two people. Speaking of explosive feeling clean up baseball?

Kagawa Honda or something like the attention they Bakkari MF players, but I take the point, I'm not the proper deployment. Speaking YakultSomething against Syria, DF and had taken a point. In the Yakult 7.8 points per Takeuchi, I took the image of the second Aikawa?

Saudi Arabia in this war. Not getting too one-sided - interesting. Still, funny is more like did against Syria. Well, can I still continue forward.

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