Messi Ballon d'Or is a whopping_Xavi_Iniesta_Messi_Ballon d'or

Lionel Messi Balon de Oro 2010 FIFA Balon de Oro Gala 2010 Zurich 10/01/2011

Messi Ballon d'Or is a whopping!

Pretty amazing. I thought it is just like most people, Xavi or Iniesta.

Awards also Arutintoppu Dattari Pusukashu, and some even like what I have been deliberately removed in order to equipping surprise.

Messi is also a well that is not suitable at all, I think the best player in the world because the undisputed most convincing sense speaking. Ballon d'or choose based on what? It has been said that the title is important, because it just messy than La Liga, or rather a surprise when I saw the play, I guess he was pushed to the impression that this award after all great players and coach, including his colleagues.

Xavi was a shame I wonder

Even so, a female Maltese Na amazing. Play a female version of Ronaldinho, but certainly I think another dimension, s fifth consecutive year.

Messi Congratulations! !

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