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Barcelona vs Levante 2-1 2011 Barcelona 2-1 Levante

Today, football magazine, "World Soccer Digest Day" sale. Appendix jumbo posters from your guide book. Messi of Barcelona is my time!
Messi poster in my room This is the fourth piece. Other Forlán, Tevez, Villa, Cristiano Ronaldo , I have pasted Ejiru. -

Cruyff has said, C ·Ronaldo that zippy little better than Messi seems to think that creating a large gap between the two.

「Cristiano will be able to showcase an interesting play because of its high physical performance, variations do not play like Messi.
Messi played a sharp, of course, also show an instantaneous speed change of rhythm and positioning. Cristiano It is impossible to say.
But no doubt that the two of them very talented. So this is not a question of the relative merits of two players, but a problem of body size

 Cruyff 氏はまた、FIFA(国際サッカー連盟)Ballon d'Or (世界年間最優秀選手)の最終候補3名を BarcelonaMessi、Xavi Hernández Andres Iniesta が独占したことに好印象を抱いていることも明らかにした。

soccer とは、両足を駆使して ball を絶えず動かす Sports だ。身長が170センチそこらのMessi、Xavi Hernández Andres Iniesta の3人がBallon d'Or の最終候補に入ったのはうれしいことだ。

Because the quality techniques such as height and intelligence, because it was proved to be more important than physical strength

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