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Steven Gerrard #8

I'm commonly known European football freak, my darling little football, "Liverpool" to be translated to other Dearimashi have a glimpse of the decline o
 Benítez took responsibility for the previous year's form, even to win the Club World Cup in December and I thought he became the director of Intel's haste, national league (Serie A) dismissal on the grounds of the unsatisfactory results ...  The "Liverpool" coach of the "old future," Hodgson Dearimasu. Good players are concentrated originally "Liverpool", so -Superfluous and should be out by people injured, England BIG4 is no doubt that the corner

This "old future," says Hodgson, the assay lacked experience in the big club, so Ali trout ー track record and experience have certainly stood out in a position to speak on the weak side but alas
 I must have thought I was no good, ahead of TV in an interview just before the Tottenham game, "the next game, causing a surprise!"

Just looking sentence, which foresee the tee're expecting something - take it even trout Ali said that a positive family yo - I'm no good, "Liverpool" I have to say this is the director of Tottenham gained a berth in the Champions League teams into the Premier League last season's fourth place I have However, "Liverpool" as the feelings of the fans and you are very against the underdogs. Proud winner of the prestigious 18th premier in the history of "Liverpool" in the remarks Dearimasu not. Underdogs against the "miracle" or "Wow someone remarks" What a Dearimasu the impossible. Sure enough, betrayed the trust of the fan-shaped "old future," says Hodgson, dismissed by early next year to take responsibility for poor performance  Wolves lose even the lowest, is yo team lost two or three losses, but not in all 38 games this season with 10 wins over Me if it always be defeated Blackburn. Gerrard to be captain, PK settlement eventually shoot at the time of holding the chest to remove Chaimasu PK

 I'm off to Gerrard for the first time I saw PK・

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