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Ranking from top to bottom

1st: Kaka   

Kaka is a clear winner. As well as from top to bottom, ST is the ace of Brazil to be active in the kingdom and side football. The big fast. Good for big. Paths can also be made on the dribble, the players ability to score very high bar none.

2nd place: Sneijder   

Also commanding lead in the second place, ranked Sneijder. Intel Holland, steadfast in the top two teams down. It is a very high passing ability, can be captured, players score points. W 5 tied at one goal scorer in World Cup. Because of a strong middle and long pass accuracy, CMF can be used as a utility is a mid-MF.

3rd place: Gerard & van der Vaart   

Third place in the Dutch Van der Vaart, too. It is a treasure house of the Dutch top to bottom.Van der Vaart is the speed, but also a good opportunity to smell the dribble and kick accuracy, responsible for the attack in the heart of good football sense.Gerrard CMF professed, but ranked below the top three. To smell out opportunity and a strong middle-path accuracy, high physical strength and decisiveness to the high stature has it all.Good command of English is also well below the top gem volante.

5th: Ejiru   

Germany's young playmaker Ejiru fifth. For scoring is lower than the top 4,Hopefully it's more scary player growing up in Real great expectations for the future.

6: Ronaldinho   

ST is ranked professional top six under Ronnie. Well, the world's precision pass and dribble. Some techniques can be determined by your goals.Ballon d'Or is now 30 years old former still alive.

No. 7: Nakamura Shiyunsuke & Rekoba and Gourcuff

Thailand, Uruguay, Japan, France seventh treasure.Shunsuke long time I have been very popular there as in Japan, carrying the number 10. Uruguay has played well under the top Rekoba.Gourcuff is [high] II Call of Zidane, France's next ace.

8th: Kagawa Shinzi & Riquelme and Lionel Messi   

Kagawa moved to Germany from growing unopposed. The first half was selected MVP of the Bundesliga, the second shoulder 10 is also new in Japan.Riquelme is "Number 10" player with a rare special ability. No. 1 pass and dribble accuracy in Argentina

W, was charged under the World Cup top Messi Maradona. Barca now have an even playing in the middle. As Dribbler genius to play attractive dimension.

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