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Syria - Japan 1-2 All Goals Highlights Asian Cup 2011

Superb 2-1 victory for Japan!
I also won the sandman! Is lack of sleep, since Japan won, and good

Narrow victory, "a saying that a perfect match. In this game, I felt a long time. Wow, six minutes Tsu second-half injury time! No wonder the length of Boyaki Matsuki's Commentary (laughs)

Total of eight teams warning, leaving two persons, PK2 this rough game. What Asian Cup, World Cup and have a different tension
Speaking of truth, because there was a great goal in the first half of the players Hasebe, I wanted to feel fine victory over Japan .....

GK sent off a player from the late Kawashima. PK desperate situation against giving away! Whistle of the Middle East? Doha tragedy again? And seriously dented gone (tears) where support was also given up mode, Okazaki PK players had been knocked out, capturing the Honda Player GOAL. Incidentally, 88 years Japan will be stacked, A memorable first goal seems to match the 1000 total.

To win anyway, good to take the three points. Even during the World Cup and because it was contrary to expectations Cocoroyoshingeki war, again, I want to show who survived after suffering march forward.

[Spoiler Gun! Nippontsu! ! ]

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