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Sergio Agüero - The Rising Star

Diego Forlan con su Balon de Oro.....

Atletico Madrid Sergio Aguero FW belonging. Near future, has been reported that may be released from the team Aguero.

 FW flagship to extend or contract with Diego Forlán undecided. Sergio Aguero is another spindle is a highly paid team of just renew your contract soccer,
 Essential that the players are definitely the team to be enrolled as a long-term truth is that the club hard.

 A · Madrid, Villarreal and MF as a new force Borja Valero, FW has been a member of Porto reportedly seeking to acquire Arukao, If a new force that is within Messi fourth berth in the Champions League as coach, Flores said, perhaps that might be released and Aguero aces and two large Forlán.

 Well, to be released so easily, but I do not think though.

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