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Arsenal vs Wigan comments

3-0 victory at Arsenal

The Fanperushi hat, but will remove PK. Hafukotogemu the first half. Too many goal-scoring opportunity. However, GK's good to stay one point Al Habsi saved. One or ー, Wigan earlier zero Shoot ・・・

I too fail to score a goal, which is a half-time Arsenal in the second half I thought the flow would not be a very good Wigan Mori returns as expected. One or ー, do it from scratch.

However, additional points of Long Fabregas volley from Percy. You were brilliant

And Fabregas sent off in the game against PK in the target end. But Percy was steamed perfectly, but PK, then Percy has achieved the proper hat.

Well, they could come into play more point, if supporters of the Gunners, Wigan I was almost satisfied the GK content of the Al Habsi GJ.
No doubt the current Asian NO. 1GK seems to be. But it was the sense Al Habsi vs Arsenal

But as the game is too one-sided though it was flat to the taste, I'll pass the ball speed is fast compared to the Asian Cup after all.


I had come to watch Beckham


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