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Getafe vs Real Madrid 2-3 2011 Getafe 2-3 Real Madrid


Real Madrid 3 days, the 3-2 away win at Getafe on. Barcelona won the first place and two points. The Portuguese national goal of 2 FW C ·Ronaldo scorer to score in 19 career sail fast. But according to British newspaper the Mirror 2 date, 10 million pounds in the custody of the child was born one night playing with fire (about 1.26 billion yen) from the other woman had yielded in
"Return all the money, let me meet the child," and that the appeal is. Female friend close to the "late at night she has to call Ronaldo" she added.
Ace "pain" will last.

C · Ronaldo shot up, Real Madrid took the third point.
Thereafter, until about 40 minutes late, they proceed to dominate the flow in the Real Madrid game, On the way, make a trial run and Kaka are back at last come true, It felt like having a time translation Real Madrid, but 37 minutes late, got a yellow card and sent off to the second piece in this game Arbeloa,Immediately switched to a different power players from Granero Garay was trying to change, but waiting for the translation that the game is interrupted, Getafe will be determined to score while the defense off balance the minutes.
However, since putting Garay regained stability and defense, the game will end like this. Score "2-3". Real Madrid Away, took three points and two goals by C · Ronaldo, Getafe won, that game now. -
By the way, is a state of Kaka, yet again, from the first game was a thing of withdrawal of long-term recovery from injury, the body weight seemed to be playing hard in physical contact, Can also be called for from the perception still would not fight back, first, I felt that I think is completely acclimate the body.

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