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Lionel Messi -FIFA World Player Ballon d'Or 2010 HD

International Football Federation (FIFA) on August 10, 2010 World Player of the Year in Zurich, Switzerland "FIFA Ballon d'Or" (Golden Ball in French) announced the 、23 FW-year-old Argentine Lionel Messi (Barcelona) has won the laurels.

 We selected from the FIFA Player of the Year and France Football magazine, "Ballon d'Or" award for both a consistent, national team coach, decided in voting by journalists around the world and captain.
Messi has won both awards double in 2009, picked up the title of world's most valuable player two seasons in a row. Last year's World Cup (W Cup) in the tournament in South Africa could not be active, Was evaluated in the outstanding play and straight league club.

 The final position of the W point cited by Iniesta MF Spanish Cup final, third place in Spain playmaker Xavi. The top third of stress Barcelona, Lionel Messi, "I was not chosen. Not to share this award with three people," he said.

 The rest of the world the Year award Milan men's division director (Italy) European Champions League (CL) Mourinho led to the conquest (now Real Madrid), the division female players in Malta (Brazil) was awarded . -

The following is the best eleven.
 GK Casillas (Spain, Real Madrid) ▽ DF micon, Lucio (Brazil, Inter Milan), Pique, Puyol (Spain over Barcelona) MF Snyder (Holland Inter Milan), Xavi, Iniesta (Spain over Barcelona)▽FW Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona), Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid), Villa (Spain, Barcelona)

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