Ronaldo_di Maria _Real Madrid _Getafe_Messi_Conferencia de prensa previa. Getafe vs Real Madrid: Mourinho habla sobre Kaka e Higuain.

Conferencia de prensa previa. Getafe vs Real Madrid: Mourinho habla sobre Kaka e Higuain.

12 minutes early, right side, and vertical device di Maria in the PA won the PK. C · decided that Ronaldo, Real Madrid took the first strike points. The 19 minute first half, a pass-through from the Di Maria scored the DF Ejiru escaped to the back of the line, take away the second goal Real Madrid.
But 29 minutes earlier, the host Real Madrid in the Palais DF dribble and go three and two crossing swords, and just stick a fierce drive to Niasaido returned Getafe 1 point.

Getafe better, but I had to translation and two runs in the first half hour early, DF, and one of the offensive power of Real Madrid, I think that I can not very well supported.
A scene in the first runs, I was speaking of such scenes must get pulled down the shirt of the Di Maria, I think there was no such thing,The scene in the first two runs, Di Maria was the offerer of the ball, was a recipient of the ball Ejiru, can not correspond perfectly with both, had just beaten in the attack on the relationship between the two In translation, this is a little tough or was feeling.

しかし、一方の Real Madrid の方も、この試合は守備の安定性を欠いていて、1つには、ラサナ・ディアラのパフォーマンスというのが悪くて、運動量はあったし、アグレッシブにチェックに行くプレーなどは良かったのですが、しかし、きちんとボールを奪い切れなかったり、ビルドアップの時にミスをしてボールをロスしてしまったり、というシーンが目立っていて、また、Messiにドリブルから得点を決められたシーンでも、その前に既に1枚イエローカードを受けていたので、ガッチリ身体で止めに入るという事ができなくて、それもその失点の原因にはなっていたと思う訳です。

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