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Alex Del Piero & David Trezeguet by Mezza26

Del Piero [Good luck, David]

Be decided by the years spent away from Juventus David Trezeguet, Captain Del Piero sent words of encouragement to teammates share many titles have been on the website itself.

To David Dear

I guess I have finally come when you have to say goodbye. Both spent many seasons, have won many titles at the same time, the number can not answer that right away. That much we have shared many things as a teammate.The combination of our two people, I'm confident that we are inscribed in the history of Juventus players like Charles and Shivori great.

The goal of the season the average age is 17 Juventus. This figure is exactly the same things so your jersey. You're proof Bomber promotion. (Bomber, the Italian ace striker means) for me to play on your side that can not speak in numbers.But to repeat again and was able to play with the great FW is for me really proud.

Del Piero, Trezeguet. Trezeguet, Del Piero. What raised Kitata dodge victory in battle many times. And experienced a lot of disappointment. (Luckily, I went but was disappointed to win reduced) and dodged a hug after a goal countless.

From now on, will go a different path. This is unavoidable in the world of Calcio. Directly convey the words of farewell, but in the changing room, I wanted to convey to you in public.For new challenges, best hope at all costs. Wonderful memories to keep them from care, when they meet somewhere and talk about next.

See you, David.

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