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keisuke honda japan free-kick Worldcup 2010

kagawa shinji 香川真司 dortmund midfield

Keisuke Honda (CSKA Moscow / Russia).

W Cup, Lefty became the savior of Japan. FK is famous for his too.In the play, left foot shot in the flavor, strong. Somewhat spotted with no running start even put distance.

フィジカルコンタクトに強く、Pass も上手い。

と、まぁ、 Ryoichi Maeda と能力がかぶっている所がある。フィジカルコンタクトが強くて Technique があるが鈍足なのが欠点ってのが一緒。Ryoichi Maeda との違いは、逆足が使えないということか。このあたりは、典型的な Lefty player で、利き足の技術水準が異様に高い割に、逆足はおもちゃ程度にしか使えない。

Speaking of Lefty, and Maradona, but also so Ejiru recently, it becomes something of a foot in most cases, technology may want to brush your opposite foot.


Kagawa Shinji

Weak non-physical contact is a no holes such as this super-MF. W Cup but were defeated, a big hit in Germany at the moment. The Asian Cup was the 10th to take some things.

ただし、Messi に弱いので、 soccer やるなら彼を使う意味はほとんどない。具体的にいえば、前線のターゲットマンに向かって ball を放り込み、中盤ではルーズボールを競り合う soccer やるなら Kagawa Shinzi は外して他の選手いれたほうがいい。そのくらいフィジカルコンタクトは基本的に駄目。あと、

Nde breakthrough type of good in the center during an attack, and defense-oriented coach, he broke the middle of the counter is easy to eat too unpopular causes.

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