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Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid 3-1 Full Highlights

Spanish Cup semi-finals of the Madrid derby Real Madrid Atlético Madrid VS has been made in the home of Real.

The match saw (should be reflected in the digest Liga ...) 3-one upset victory in the Real. Ejiru also took third point!

I play at home next to Atletico Madrid on the 20th. Since it was still expected Forlán, alert can be done. It has the 17th La Liga match in Japan before that time

"Derby Madrid" Real is lucky day in morning

 Spanish King's Cup match was held on July 13 two quarter-finals first leg, Atletico Madrid 3-1 Real Madrid were lucky day in morning at home. Almeria to La Coruna 1-0 down at home too.

 R took the local derby with Atletico Madrid. Allowed seven minutes early, but pre-emptive, the DF equalizer 14 minutes Sergio Ramos.
FW of C · cited Ronaldo winning goal 16 minutes late, a loose ball from a shot down an ace and a bad near the end decided that Ejiru MF. -
Mourinho "was close to the semi-finals. But the first strike, recovered showed a good fight," and recalled with satisfaction.

There was a rumor of a transfer Bayern Klose FW Lazio, Real Madrid dream seems. "Real interest in the possibility of their own, I spoke with the agent. -
However, the contact from them so far is not true. For now, just rumors Mercato "

-- "Also because of the deadline for his contract next June. Definitely a real team history. Regained the right way thanks to Mourinho. For me, the best wearing this shirt once. They offer I would not say no to "

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