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Lionel Messi year in a row 2 FIFA world best player award, criticized the award for that portion of the mesh media, and appealed not to care at all. -

In the press, Xavi and Andres Iniesta what Barcelona teammate was nominated for this prestigious award, W be elected as representative in Spain to account credited with winning the World Cup they have a voice against the winner of the Messi.
But Messi "Actually, that does not care what the media say. The important thing for me, but if you're talking about being with my teammates. I'm grateful for their support. Not that justification must be shown to someone my own. Came to the same thing until now, Strive to continue to play a good game, so hold out your team's power as possible, "comments, criticism of the press argued that paying no attention at all.

If you want to emphasize only the result, the Ballon d'Or winners like I think I will not No matter how Sneijder.

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