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Roberto Baggio

Franco Baresi, l'addio al calcio

[・ ・ ・ Losing some beautiful fragile]

When considering these words, I am a football legend who left a strong impression in the past I remember.

His name, "Roberto Baggio." Azzurri deep blue (representing Italy) [No. 10] is uniform is the best Chinese suit.

1994 W U.S. Azzurri in World Cup year, the impregnable Baresi DF, Aruberutini young playmaker, worthy the name of Roberto Baggio and FANTASISTA, Dearimashita favorite.
During the competition, were cut by a further mark against injury and obsessive, a tattered condition Baggio continued to shine anyway. No doubt most Americans W shone was his cup.

Including the activity of Baggio, the Azzurri Sereson (Brazil) celebrates with finals. The score remains 0-0, PK rush to war.・ ・ ・ Lose situation by removing

The fifth kicker, Roberto Baggio.

Sometimes, the game is cruel.

Baggio devote a hand on her hip, a scream of joy that GK Tafareru・・・ ・ ・ ・ I tournament Well, I've watched soccer World Cup in W, is the scene that remains in most minds.

The first time I [have lost their beautiful. Knew was a moment].

Successful PK will be forgotten [failed PK can not be forgotten forever. ]

(Roberto Baggio )

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