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Barcelona vs Betis [5:0] All goals & Full Match Highlights 12/01/2011 Copa Del Rey

Lionel Messi Hat-Trick Barcelona vs Real Betis 5-0 12-01-2011

First round of the Copa del Rey quarter-finals held on October 12, part 2 Real Betis Barcelona welcome home, Messi hat-trick goal rush, including a lucky day in morning and 5-0.
Messi Year 2010 FIFA (International Football Federation) Ballon d'Or (the World Player of Year) to voice doubts about the award, showed up for his exceptional performance dismissed. -

 Bettis is Raising the line from the beginning, take the path of the Barcelona football in the press sealed intense attack from the counter Reuben Castro et al.
Barcelona's Xavi too, while Iniesta, Messi "Barondorutorio" In addition to Villa, and penetrated to the other party involved in the attack Jinnai actively Pedro, and posts being blocked shots GK Mori Yoshi's crucial Castro
The first half was even fight, Messi is determined by a lob pass near the end Iniesta, Barcelona, led by one point.

 However, the fatigue began to see Bettis entered the second half to prevent attacks in Barcelona and dull slowly, 62 minutes, and Messi is a continuous goal in 73 minutes, and runs from there little by little.
Deployment will be the end to unilaterally attack in Barcelona, Pedro 76 minutes, 83 minutes of play while Keita kept stabbing, containing a final dignity to win the Barcelona scored five.

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