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Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 2010

Lionel Messi 2010 NEW

AC Milan Ronaldinho's agent Assis de Roberto is in Rio after a meeting with Galliani, said it seems that about 800 million requests a transfer and clubs.
Dinyo is dense and has spoken Gremio moved. "In order to be free to Ronaldinho, AC Milan need to pay the requested amount"

Meanwhile, Milan make winter camp in Dubai. January 2, "Emirates Cup Challenge" that will play against Al Ahli in the Cannavaro.
Cannavaro, "I have many excellent players, playing against the best team in the world. I dressed good show. Not even a practice game against Milan, a very large stimulus. Ronaldinho is coming to Dubai in order to gain experience I would "

AC Milan coach Allegri, "There are many rumors about Ronaldinho, only speculation right now. During Milan players doing here belong.'ll Do their best position to win"

'Don Balòn' by Sacchi had praise for Barcelona.
"Barcelona is a propaganda for the football team exceptional. A little like my Milan. In our time like that in Barcelona is also home Ouei, because I always play the same way"

"Ibrahimovic? - It is very helpful experience in Barcelona. Now he is because I played for the team. Along with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, currently the world's best"

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