King's Cup _Betis_football_Arsenal_CL_Barca__Classico

Betis 3 - 1 Barça. Copa del rey 2011, Cuarta Jornada, Miércoles 19 de Enero

Section 20 of the Riga facing a battle to Homukanpunou Racing. King's Cup held during the week of 19 2nd leg 1-3 defeat to Betis,The Catalans have stopped the winning streak though, 1st leg 5-0 to Real Betis in the win on it, proceeded to the bridge to the semifinals with 6-3 Agurigeitosukoa.

King's Cup LIVE Temasen though there is no relay in the quite interesting as Betis football. Well, than keep winning like this, Well I'm glad to be able to brace oneself up once Sat Nde attached around here? ... I like.

The first round opponent for Arsenal CL though I think there is a lot more complex, with very strong feelings speak for Barca to win after all, better organizational skills Barca is also an objective look at the overwhelming I think.
After scoring difference Kurashiko par I wonder if there can be bad ... I think I on. If an energetic game 臨Me about the same time ... but Barca is the Classico. Turn It'll pass when that is not you usual -

It is by design that I absolutely Classico


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