Korean War! PK finals for the first time Japan has won _Okazaki_Maeda_Saudi Arabia _Honda_goal_Australia_South Korea, Japan _Hasebe_Uzbekistan_Asian Cup victory! Good luck in Japan!

≪ASIAN CUP≫ Japan is finalist~!!!(26.Jan.2011 AM1:20) FOOTBALL SEMIFAINAL KOREA :JAPAN

I burned yesterday. Korean War! PK finals for the first time Japan has won two tournaments at the end of the war! The remaining until win! And to the Confederation!

Yesterday was a tough game like that game I was not honest. There are several opportunities in Japan. Okazaki and shot hit the post and decided to remove the machine Maeda.But that FW Maeda scored in this hot match is great. Despite scoring in that game against Saudi Arabia will not be helpful because there was no other motivation. Maeda I finally jazzed up! The first scene is a point I think the ideal form of Japan. Without running into the cross path Honda exquisite portrait! Common goal with an excellent sense of positioning and Maeda!I think the better they scored more runs in conjunction with these players. Australia next in exactly this way. Space in the back later!

Yesterday, South Korea, Japan and another is there any PK PK It is not either way. Well, I like each other. It seems yesterday lowered levels rise throughout Asia and the Asia-trial level, but also told me was hearing strange Hasebe, it stops a lot of games in particular.

Speaking of the defense of Japan Japan 2-1 min scene and went ahead in extra innings defensive. But fails to complete five bags put 伊野波.
Okazaki harden before the defense, would eventually become one defend Honda Shika not leave. I attacked the ball is taken away at the front are only two people can get the ball in midfield ・Maeda defense can also be lowered, so I think FW was on.

They caught the first two runs to take a second to lose the ball obviously bidding. Tended to lose physical auctions because those scenes in Korea. Second picked up the ball would have been a lot added to it I think defensive fix mandatory.

Australian finals! 6-0 victory at Uzbekistan.
I am sure there are more physical Korea. Yesterday was like a game I do not think the fight. If we turn scoring chances into a compact ball Japanrashii however. -

Asian Cup victory! Good luck in Japan!

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