Asian Cup _Japan_Australia_1-0 win

Asian Cup 2011 Australia vs Japan 0-1 Final

川島永嗣 - AFCアジアカップ KAWASIMA HERO - Japan - Australia - Asian cup 2011

日本優勝セレモニー AFC Asian Cup 2011 Champion Ceremony 29-01-2011

Crazy, too happy happy too happy too! Japan Extends ーーーー beating Australia won!ー pleasure to write this blog as it is so excited to sleep.

 I think we all do think the game's recent Japanese team is interesting. Strength come from behind, barely sticky, unbearable to watch the team work together to fight the attitude and anything.
 Attractive team, an exciting game development. I also thought people should be watched and possibly other countries. If you can watch a game like this every time, right next four years paradise.

 There also has been working at home, this Asian Cup, had gathered considerable information on deep, I was glad it won there, too.

Late extension, determined Tadashi Shigeru raised in Lee's cross Yuu Takeshi 1-0 win! Asian Cup became the fourth first time in two tournaments since the 2004
Cup of China! !


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