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Luka Modric HD

He is a playmaker Luka Modoritchi Tottenham Hotspur (25) Premier League rivals, and rumors have moved overseas, or himself has denied this.

Chelsea and Manchester United, Barcelona and Croatia in this big club and MF have been reported in contact with the Modoritchi itself is rumored to leave White Hart Lane is that the whole Gaseneta, argue that happy at Spurs.

"These rumors are all bull shit. It is true that the only place where you are happy with myself that I Tottenham player. I'm totally focused on my work.Since joining in 2008, resigning these rumors every time you open the transfer market was flowing. Even the renewal of a contract with Tottenham last June, I've seen from such articles. But I shall never know the future, I'm happy at White Hart Lane "

Honda director if it wishes to feel like I was good at long-term administration over decades as well as fur is director of Manchester United Song

Thank you for your words of nothing but now nothing.

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