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"Who is the world's best striker?"

1st: Iburahimovitchi   

Still, the world's best striker Iburahimovitchi, I'm good I got all the big fast. Speaking of course, of course.

2nd place: Drogba

In second place, Drogba boasts an incredible physical abilities. The balance of the body and jumping attacks, more than one place Iburahimovitchi.

3rd: Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney  

Third place, the top two men's professional second.Messi, but what the body strong, decisive and combines the world's best dribble. In recent years, has been increasing the accuracy of the last pass.

Rooney scored a goal in his will, is very high accuracy of the last pass.Moreover, even if you can dribble, some power.1.5 It is a goal to aim at the universal type column.

5th: Fernando Torres & Cristiano Ronaldo   

Fernando Torres too, offers you good at big fast. The thin line to aim at the back of the line DF, GK and also a strong 1vs1. So clever on heading higher, the top is left in peace.

In fifth place tie, contained in the wing Cristiano Ronaldo. Wing is a professional, has more than enough ability as a striker.
If he is an aggressive position, wherever possible. Along with Messi, FW is the world's best.
Given the stature and power, maybe more than Messi ....

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