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Seongnam Ilhwa 0-3 Inter Milan, Mundial de Clubes 2010 Abu Dhabi 15/12/10

Mazembe 2-0 Internacional, Mundial de Clubes 2010 Abu Dhabi

 Intel in Europe captain Zanetti CL draw against Bayern, the club said first focus on World Cup final.

「The head, the Intel World Top clubs only have an opportunity to bring W Cup final. It can win tough. Same as before the Madrid Conference finals? - This time, but unfortunately no Sneijder, I conclude like in Madrid "

-我々有利と思わないよ。今のサッカーは非常に拮抗し、誰もプレゼントしてくれない。互角にスタートし、有利と考えればミスに。髪型が秘密?-自分の髪型は重要じゃない。Intel 史を作った人々の考えは常に勝利。全 Intel にこのトロフィ捧げたい。

I waited 16 years for this moment. The only possible chance. An important game for us

Cambiasso is also experienced, I hope to win.
「Good luck with the win I bring Figo. But this time another team. And European champions, the team has been fighting for all. Interunashionaru to play at Real, his'm not have a trophy 」

African representatives Mazenbe Congo のチームだけど、Congo は world cup に出たことあるのか?聞かないよな。
きっと、Nigeria とか Cameroon だと有望な選手は若いうちから欧州のクラブに引っ張られるけど、Congo はそんでもないんだな。

I Mazenbe Distinguished representatives of Africa. I wish luck with finals.

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