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Official Match Highlights - The FA Community Shield 2010 - Manchester United v Chelsea

Rigori Manchester United-Chelsea Finale UEFA Champions League Mosca 2008

今節~次節はガナーズ、Chelsea が相手と、中盤のヤマ場っ!

Rooney in response to a tone while recovering, you had been there too I raised the performance of the state as a team, I hope the game.


Berbatov down the slick, the middle Carrick, Fletcher, Anderson's game with three.
と枚数を揃えることで、Arsenal お得意のパス回しを中盤でツブせたこの采配は、
Sir Alex is expected.


Nani cross opponent DF unusual course where hitting the goal infused Park to react! !
ダイナミズムの戻ってきた Park は、ホント頼りになるな~

追う Manchester United は、今季出鼻の Rooney の不調に加え

C · Ronaldo Messi補って余りあるほどに成長した

戦術的大黒柱の Valencia を長期離脱で失って


新加入の Javier Hernandez や19歳の新鋭 玛基の活躍もあって

Connected to the middle game to make a shape "reality, that is.

Tottenham and Chelsea in the 12th. (現地時間)

13th Man U and Arsenal.

On the 19th Chelsea and Man U.

Arsenal and Chelsea in the 26th.


Premier League, "a lot this season," the battle form,

Starting now.

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