Zlatan Ibrahimovic 2010/2011(Goals & Skills & Tricks) : Compilation In Ac Mlan (Half Season) maroinx

Ibrahimovic in the summer, moved to Milan from the purchase of conditional hire Barcelona, which is believed to have brought only disappointment to both.


Sacchi said: "The V · Ibura Basten at the level of"

Sacchi, "The decisive period Ibura Intel, but it was a modern player like I did."

 In other words, Intel Ibura era, now that the people of Ibura Calcio Milan through again as part of the experience of Barcelona, which occurred a little different, that is.

According to something called the Sacchi, CF legacy of the era from Intel, will be transformed into a key player in contributing to the team's victory.

 This growth of a footballer Ibura would consider that a decisive influence on the balsa season.
To fit in just one season with the requested level of collective play him in Barcelona, the 28-year-old Ibura Calcio a star with a unique style of play was definitely a stretch.

So even Iniesta, "Ibrahimovic was to give a little more time" has been said.

However, the first and last Ibura perhaps through frustration over his football life, expand the range of play as a result, it was not called until it receives a rating, along with van Basten.

 Meanwhile, Barca made a mistake but from a business perspective, it seems like those obtained from it.

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