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Barcelona vs Inter milan highlights CL semis

AC Milan 2 : 2 Real Madrid

[French football magazine France Football Player of the Year Award for Choice in Europe, known as the Ballon d'Or final candidates Xavi, Iniesta, the age of three players selected today as Lionel Messi and Barcelona Spain Europe center.

Were a while ago, led the team that won the Champions League, W Sneijder should have been the commander of the country in the World Cup finals.

The finalists will not be elected Sneijder, I think because it is very attractive as well as Barcelona, Spanish football that much.
I have not chosen to be finalists, but Sneijder remembers the frustration, I think, rather obviously, if the Ballon d'Or Xavi or Iniesta.
Sneijder has also been quite a period of withdrawal due to injury, the Catalans and the Intel I may have also affected the image CL semi-finals.
Coach of the Year were Mourinho would rather'll laugh.


Which player will do for Iniesta or Xavi.
Emotionally, but I would like to catching Iniesta.
The back story, the fact remains that the final candidates Sneijder is one that seems to symbolize the decline of Italian football.

Milan are now leaders, as well as in Italy does not seem to improve the ability to fight at the European level anyway.

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