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Barça Legends

Barcelona, Pep Guardiola for coach, said to prepare a new long-term contracts.

 In the market, there are many club teams are going to invite coach Guardiola

 Chelsea have emerged the theory by the resignation of coach Carlo Ancelotti recent slump.
 Intel has fallen into a slump under coach Rafael Benitez.

 Sir Alex Ferguson 監督の後任として、Manchester United

 Barcelona leads the Yone Shin as director, created a top-class soccer spectacular in Europe.
 Guardiola to coach Barcelona continue to bring glory, not of course I will not let go of Barcelona.
 So far, coach Guardiola, remained unwilling to extend long-term contracts for one year contract.

Man U C pair was passing leader. The first strike in the 32nd minute goal by Pablo Valencia was passed early leader if you win, Anderson's goal in 17th minute to catch the second half, kept the lead in bringing in a draw. Man U went to the final undefeated in four separate two wins.

Panathinaikos Barcelona overwhelmed, decided to round of 16 for seven consecutive years. 26 minutes earlier, scored two goals in 23 minutes late FW Pedro. 17 minutes late, the path connects the people Messi scored 5 FW. Messi scored 10 consecutive races, including the representation game. Barcelona recorded a total of 150 second point. CL winning team in Europe for about a year away game at. Guardiola is a coach, "The players now have a great play. Classico in good shape," in anticipation of the next race and was number one R and the great Madrid.


Meanwhile, Barcelona coach Guardiola, the Barcelona and the player with the success of winning predecessors, Dixie I kept feeling wonderful and intelligent comments.

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