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FIFA Ballon D'Or 2010 - Messi Iniesta Xavi

FIFA Ballon d'or 2010 | Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi

Barcelona coach Guardiola led, led by Mourinho lost to Intel in the CL last season's European Champions League semifinals, but lost the chance of the first two consecutive, Two consecutive power plays in the Spanish league crown played 6 won the first-ever achievement in 2009,17 season at home to shake the great performance this season rivals Real Madrid 5-0 to league leaders stood and Masaru Masaru has decided to advance steadily in the Champions League last 16.

The attacks have become the center of the Catalans, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi is three. In addition, six These three representatives were held between Mon - 7 W is active in the World Cup tournament in South Africa,Xavi and Iniesta in particular stands out for its first win of the earnest desire that he played a central Spain squad as a player.

By the way FIFA Ballon d'Or (best player the world) in the 23 candidates who were announced on October 26 in three stages before the players focused on the award finalists,Iniesta, Messi, Puyol, Villa, Alves had been named in Danieu.
In addition the Spanish national Kashijasu, Xabi Alonso (both Real Madrid), Fabregas (Arsenal) enters, the largest number of representatives elected by the seven countries.And the Spanish league Diego Forlán (Atlético de Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo, Ejiru (both Real Madrid), including a total of 11 people selected, candidates were going league in Europe.

Rumors on the street, according to the newspaper Gazetta in Italy for example, FIFA award Ballon d'Or has acquired Iniesta, Xavi is second place, but are reported as Messi is third place, many Spaniards to be acquired by Xavi wants.

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