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Espanyol vs Barcelona 1-5 [18/12/10] La Liga BBVA 2010 Jornada 16

The Catalan derby was held on the 18th, away to Espanyol in Barcelona in the 5-1 crushing.

Lost home games this season, knowing, very well, but Espanyol were the best in the league with just two runs, before Barca had 30 minutes to double the number of runs.

To open the scoring in the Barca goal in the 19th minute Pedro, Chabi additional points in 30 minutes. Additional points in 60 minutes from the rebound of a shot by Pedro Messi.
To return two minutes later but the point is one goal from Espanyol Ozubarudo are pressed into the points 76 minutes 84 minutes Villa ruin.

Coach Pep Guardiola said, "I keep it in our team is impressive. They've done a lot in football, is very calm and mentally," and praised the players.

Before the game from the stands with a capacity of 40,000 will be announced the names of the players flew taunted Barcelona, Iniesta has reached only during a standing ovation.
It is a goal in W Cup win was a friend who died of a heart attack belonged to Espanyol in 2009 because it was dedicated to Iniesta Ke DF Daniel Hull.

"The audience reaction was felt on the pitch. Is not it even more important than human rivalry," and Iniesta are talking after the game.

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