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 Rome (Italy) vs Shafutaru Donetsk (Ukraine)
AC Milan (Italy) vs Tottenham Hotspur (England)
 Valencia (Spain) vs Schalke (Germany)
 Intel (Italy) vs Bayern Munich (Germany)
 Lyon (Francia) vs Real Madrid (España)
 Arsenal (England) vs Barcelona (Spain)
Marseille (France) vs Manchester United (England)
 Copenhagen (Denmark) vs Chelsea (England)

It was decided against Barcelona in the Champions League and Wenger's expectations!

CL is now an interesting combination, but I mean obviously contrived. Lyon (Francia) vs Real Madrid (España)、Intel (Italy) vs Bayern Munich (Germany)
とか、Arsenal (England) vs Barcelona (Spain)。

Personally I see the card outside of Copenhagen and Valencia v Chelsea game.

Intel was faced in the final game of last season with Bayern.。

 Elsewhere attention over Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal and Barcelona fighting.
 Tottenham has passed through a place of courage defeating Inter Milan in another game against Milan.
 Lyon and Real Madrid in the match, Real Madrid or Karim Benzema can play against former club?
 Schalke will play against Utida Atsuhito belongs to Valencia, Spain La Liga players yuan (Raul Gonzalez and Jose Manuel Jurado), the expected activity.

Champions League 2006 Final Arsenal vs Barcelona

Raul Gonzalez - AC Milan 0 - 1 Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League 2009/2010

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