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Kaka, Ronaldo och Higuain tippar VM 2010

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho,Pato, Kevin Prince Boateng 2010/2011 |Goals & Skills|

Real, Ronaldo and Kaka and Higuain.
Milan, Ronaldinho Ibura patrols.

Just three people, the point can be captured.

Recently, the "top three forced" to gradually started to check.

「Forced three top "is,
I say things that forced the top three or top two teams in the top one is the default.

I mean the pattern tends to be a thought, but it is to feel like I must have erased the team colors.

Higuain is also one of the Real at the top, doing the post play him, Kaka and Ronaldo, who will be at stake Ejiru, right intensity if I get too thick to attack.

Kedira out because there is also, thank you, and you can put your face in front of goal often.

There is also the upper back Kedira, but it is a good'm attacking options.

Milan is basically is the start of the attack from the first pass the ball to Ronnie.Even in late attack from Pirlo and Seedorf have, the greater the path can also break the tie but firmly.

Ambrosini also captain ejected. He is a key Mori Osamu.

Somehow, the CF Ibrahimovic is the world's strongest.

Head for more than Ibrahimovic, Pato also decide in the head and legs.

Even if they are clear, Pirlo Seedorf picked up a second ball, can attack the secondary. -

It is also a strong Arsenal Barcelona Spain also, after all, Real and Milan are pretty strong through much Zuba.

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