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2008 FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final Manchester United vs Gamba Osaka

Zlatan ☆ Ibrahimovic • Welcome to AC Milan! • Benvenuto Ibra!

Milan rout. The final breakthrough raised as motivation.

 【AC Milan 0-2 Ajax Ousyuu league CL1 AC Milan はホームで Ajax に0―2で完敗。すでに2位突破が決まっていたこともありアッレグリ監督は「Out the difference between motivation 」と説明した。

 1月の放出が噂されているFW Ronaldinho 公式戦8試合ぶりに先発したが不発。一方 Ajax は、6日に辞任したヨル監督に代わって指揮を執ったデブール暫定監督の初陣を白星で飾った

The Thiago Silva, FC Porto and Dynamo Moscow could not be expected to more active, moved to the flowering of talent and youth to return home Furuminense spent time, then moved to AC Milan played. Highly regarded as the cornerstone of the AC Milan defender has also become a regular in Brazil. -

The FIFA Club World Cup UAE
The local game in the quarterfinals and Seongnam Aruwahada

Aruwahada を圧倒し4対1で勝利


うーん、Zyounan strong wish. Each other competing for points in the first half, "after this would be interesting," I thought, at once to win the Aruwahada to 突Ki放Shi Zyounan. Play scoring four goals in two sets, he Molina contributed to the victory of one goal and two assists. This is the second consecutive year Koreans, four Asian countries decided to advance the best four years in a row. Intel's next race is the most likely winners. Or grab a point against the odds?

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