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Shinji Kagawa - 5 Goals for Dortmund!


Rueda de prensa de Mourinho Real Madrid-Sevilla HD

Espanyol Home Tsuyoshi Tamotsu later in the season, but aggressively pushed for the 1-5 defeat against Barcelona at odds.
Lead to the final in Barcelona this year.
 The difference between the two points chase Real Madrid Barça 19 (Sunday) against the Sevija in Santiago・Berunabeu.

Mourinho is still revered former coach. "Because this place to stand because of him."

 W Club Cup - Inter Milan 3-0; Mazenbe Inter Milan last season led to a triple crown this season Real Madrid (Spain) headed by Mr Mourinho, who watched it at home wearing the uniform of Intel.

 人心掌握術に優れた前監督を今でも慕う選手は多い。Diego Milito は「この喜びを彼とも分かち合いたい。この場に立てるのは彼のおかげだから」と感謝した。

Juventus 1-1 Chievo

The chemistry really is too bad to Perissheru. We had beaten the reverse pattern.

Lazio, our well slip back into fourth place to win again in Naples.

Well Good Luck New Year some rest.

Kagawa a break from the challenges of Europe, including four months to decide on the official game is 12 points, Manchester U, Juventus, A Madrid have also expressed interest.

 Dortmund won the league's aim is not the first time in nine seasons at the moment we release Kagawa, the possibility of transfer in the transfer market in January next year not.
Still, the move itself in anticipation of winning the big club next summer or later, and said evidence was found in Europe.

 Likened to a cat with Kagawa, "light and supple. Disrupt any defense," I called.

リーグ2度、FA杯8度制覇の Tottenham elite もほれた逸材を求めて、さらなる争奪戦激化が予想される。

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